MILO Social Skills Club

MILO Social Skills club is for those who are fading out of individualized ABA or other form of treatment. It is also for children and adolescents who could benefit from a social focused environment to play and learn with similar aged peers. The club is ran under the guidance of a  board certified behavior analyst.

What your child will receive:

  • Individualized group sessions led by a board certified behavior analyst

  • Social skills curricula under the primary intervention style of "incidental teaching"

  • Peer mediated skill development for maintenance and generalization in the natural environment

  • Ongoing data collected by a registered behavior technician to monitor progress of the group and each individual

Intake Process

1. Contact us - email(, phone (713-355-0970), contact form

2. We will get back to you and schedule an interview to learn more about the learner

3. Individualized assessment

4. Assignment to best fit social skills group