MILO Social Skills Club

MILO Social Skills club is for those who are fading out of individualized ABA or other form of treatment. It is also for children and adolescents who could benefit from a social focused environment to play and learn with similar aged peers. The club is ran under the guidance ofa  board certified behavior analyst.

What your child will receive:

  • Individualized group sessions led by a board certified behavior analyst

  • Social skills curricula under the primary intervention style of "incidental teaching"

  • Peer mediated skill development for maintenance and generalization in the natural environment

  • Ongoing data collected by a registered behavior technician to monitor progress of the group and each individual

For Summer 2019 we are offering three hour sessions, meeting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for six weeks. 

Intake Process

1. Contact us - email(, phone (713-355-0970), contact form

2. We will get back to you and schedule an interview to learn more about the learner

3. Individualized assessment

4. Assignment to best fit social skills group



With the success of our pilot program and feedback from parents, we are offering our social skills program targeting individuals within ages 8-12 years old with emerging or near age level language skills.  Our pilot program was based on Lego – Based Therapy (Legoff et al., 2014) approach consistent with basic principles of ABA to use Lego building as a way to foster key social experiences such as team collaboration, conflict resolution, problem solving, sharing, turn-taking, and shared goal accomplishment.  MILO social club is for those who are fading out of individualized ABA or other form of treatment or for those who could benefit from a social focused environment to play and learn with similar aged peers under the guidance of a board certified behavior analyst.   Each group session is individualized from the previous session while keeping a general structure in order to help maintain a routine but also tailoring goals that address individualized needs of the group.  Though a variety of social skills curricula are utilized for group instruction, the primary intervention style used is “incidental teaching” which allows the BCBA to teach skills in the moment and help each member of the group identify and use the skills learned.  Individuals in the group begin to catch on to social rules and start to acknowledge and praise one another leading to peer mediated skill development and maintenance.  

If you are interested in learning more about how MILO ABA can help your child, please reach out to us by giving us a call or sending an email.   Michael or Loren will return your message within 48 hours.  We will then set up a mutually convenient time and public location to go over what motivated you to seek out social/behavioral supports to help us understand your specific needs and answer any questions about our services. 


This will also be a time for Michael to determine the “best fit” group for your child and select the appropriate assessment tool to follow up with in order to prioritize goals and objectives for your child.  For the assessment process parents, caregivers, and teachers will be asked to complete a set of surveys and questionnaires.  This information will help guide the BCBA to conduct an on site assessment and parent follow up.  This information will help guide assignment to a group of peers that are within an appropriate age and skill level.  An onsite 1-hour assessment date will be scheduled and a follow up Skype meeting in order to discuss results and individualized treatment recommendation.  A report and treatment plan will be provided to the parent.  At this time, a social group assignment can be made.  


Please note, we intend to make sure to individualize our groups so your child may be placed on a waiting list until an appropriate group placement is available.  If your child would benefit from individualized 1:1 direct instruction, services can be provided based on availability or an appropriate referral.